Company Profile

Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co., Ltd is a technological innovation-based enterprise that has been focusing on providing O2O internet platforms, software developers, and traditional businesses with professional intelligent commercial hardware equipment that featuring high level of cost performance.

Sunmi Tech “Born to intelligent commercial equipment”, helps O2O platforms and software developers on better serving entities and merchants through intelligent hardware products researched and developed by itself, and provides offline merchants with intelligent commercial hardware solutions of the mobile internet age. “Sunmi , stand by you” is our brand concept, which means we will make the business more intelligent together with our partners.

Sunmi Tech is the first internet enterprise in the commercial application sector that has received 2 successive rounds of financing from Xiaomi Tech. We also received the strategic investment from outstanding internet enterprises such as and YouShop during Round B. Based on several years of experiences on the R&D of commercial hardware, the Sunmi group hopes to integrate the upstream and downstream supply chains, cooperate with resources on the internet platform, and bring values to the partners as well as the new commercial civilization through ultimate hardware product experiences.

Our Positioning

Born to intelligent commercial equipment

Our Strengths

Background resources of Xiaomi Tech,, YouShop and other strong sharehold-ers

CITAQ technology team with 16 years of experiences in terms of production and marketing of commercial POS hardware

Our product has been honored with the German IF International Design Golden Award which has been given the name of Industrial Oscar

Outstanding hardware production, R&D and supply chain resources from Xiaomi Tech

Highly-safe Android Operational System that has been particularly developed for intelligent commercial scenes

Customize the exclusive App Store based on business requirements of developers

The team for developing highly-efficient iterative intelligent commercial software and hard-ware

Our Growth

  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013
  • 2016.03 Official listing of the intelligent commercial hardware product Sunmi V1
  • 2016.03 Shanghai Woyou Information Technology Co., Ltd changes its name to “Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co., Ltd”, and establishes the new brand “Sunmi” of intelligent commercial hardware.
  • 2015.06 Receive RMB 100 million Round B+ Financing from YouShop.
  • 2015.05 Receive RMB 200 million Round B Financing from, Xiaomi Tech, Shenzhen Capital group.
  • 2014.12 Become the largest O2O intelligent commercial hardware service platform in China.
  • 2014.8 Receive RMB 80 million Round A Financing from Xiaomi Tech, Shenzhen Capital group and Hu Zemin-“91 assistant”CEO.
  • 2014.01 Receive the Angel Round Financing.
  • 2013.12 Shanghai Woyou Information Technology Co., Ltd was founded and successfully researched and developed the V8 O2O intelligent hardware system.

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Phone: 0086-400-902-1168

Head office Address:

Songhu Road No.388,7 KIC,Room 605,Shanghai,China